Driving a Lamborghini Has New Meaning in Callaway Golf Video
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If you asked someone what they envision when they hear Lamborghini, wing tips and astroturf would probably not make the list. Although you wouldn't think the two have anything in common, this video may change your mind.

Lamborghini has been working overtime in an attempt to become a leader in high performance composite material manufacturing. They have partnered with golfing giant Callaway to create a manufacturing process they call Forged Composites. The process forms fiber reinforced materials under an isothermal (constant temperature) process that results in a material that is one-third the weight of titanium, yet delivers greater strength under load. The result can help companies manufacturer stronger body panels, monocoques, suspension arms, and -- apparently -- golfclubs.

To demonstrate the advancements in technology, Lamborghini and Callaway orchestrated a viral video opportunity that, among other things, demonstrates that supercar drivers and golfers alike can wear obnoxious outfits. Callaway Pro Stuart Appleby hits a ball with a Callaway club down an 820-foot closed road, while the Lamborghini races down the same road (albeit with a predetermined head start) to cross the finish line simultaneously.

We can't say, however, that the Titleist sounds as good racing down the hill as the Gallardo does...

Hummm, so what do I want now - a Callaway Driver or a Lamborghini. Gotta agree with jgeorge.
Love golf but would still have to go with the Lamborghini...